Who is eligible to participate?

The participant must hold a valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate and is a company that owns the original design product entry or a product design services provider.

How many products (entries) can I submit?

Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 products (entries) only.

How can I apply?

Each participant is required to register a user account and submit entry information via the Online Application System. After you have submitted all the required entry information, there will be a review process before you can proceed to the payment procedure and complete the application.

How can I start my entry submission?

An Account Activation Link will be sent to you after the submitted company information has been verified. You can login the Online Application System and continue with your application.

How can I settle the application fee?

After all the submitted product information has been verified, you will receive an email containing an Online Payment Link (Stripe) to settle the application fee using credit cards. You can also settle the application fee by Direct Deposit or Cheque.

Can I amend the submitted information of my entry(s)?

You can amend the submitted information before completing the payment procedure. No further amendments or uploading will be allowed after the completion of the payment procedure.

Can I submit other entries after completing the payment procedure?

You cannot submit other entries after completing the payment procedure.


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